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Finally, your Wig has met its Mate!

Say Good-bye to Styrofoam heads forever!          Dry your wigs in the shower and store discreetly behind a door.

The Wigmate Dry & Style saves space, stores Wigs discreetly and provides a way to drip dry without the mess!

Unlike traditional Wig Stands/Hangers, the Dry & Style can be installed directly on the back of a door storing your Wigs out of sight while maintaining the body and style. No more will you have Styrofoam Heads and Wig Stands taking up precious counter space and drawing unwanted attention. The Dry & Style’s specially designed Arm helps to maintain your Wigs style and integrity by positioning the Wigs to hang freely to prevent frizzing.

The adhesive Shower Base is easily installed on a shower wall, or even over a tub or sink, allowing you to drip dry your Wigs without the watery mess. Once your Wigs have dried, the Wigmate Arm is easily transferred from the drying Base to the Over-the-Door Hanger for convenient storage! Perfect for any style; Wigs can be hung upside down or right side up depending on your Wig cap design and can hold multiple wigs if desired.



With the Wigmate Dry and Style it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  1. Dry

    Install your Sink or Shower Base into your preferred washing space, attach the Arm to your Sink or Shower Base. Wash your Wig and then slip your Wig Loops into the Arm Hooks to drip dry. No more watery mess on your countertops or hazardous standing water on your floors!

  2. Style

    Skip the hassle attached to transferring your Wig from it’s drying and styling place to it’s storage place! No more unpinning from your Styrofoam Head and then repining to your Wig Hanger! Once your Wig has drip dried in your sink or shower you can style your Wig as desired and then unhook your Wigmate Arm from the Sink or Shower Base and easily transfer the Arm and your Wig to your Over the Door Hanger!

  3. Store

    Once your Wig has been transferred from your Sink or Shower Base to the Over the Door Hanger you’ll find that you’re easily able to keep your Wig hanging in a manner that will maintain your Wigs shape and the integrity of the Wig Cap, that you can perfectly position your Wig so as to not rub up against other items that would cause your Wig to frizz, that you can save precious counter space by skipping your Styrofoam Head altogether, and that you can store you Wig discreetly out of sight as to avoid any unwanted attention. It’s the answer to all of your Wig problems!

Plus, the Over-the-Door Hanger is designed to fit over any door, making it the perfect travel companion for you and your Wig. Not only does the Wigmate save you precious space at home but it also saves you precious packing space while away from home! Voila! No more hassle on the go!

Each Wigmate Dry & Style Contains:

1- Over Door Hanger
1- Transferable Arm
1- “W” Hook
1- Shower Base with 3M Moisture Resistant Command Strip and alcohol wipe

Discreetly Stores Multiple Wigs Behind a Door
Preserves the Body, Style and Integrity of the Wig
Doesn’t Take Up Valuable Space
Dries Your Wig With the No Mess Shower Base

Never has caring for your wig been easier! Eliminate the drip dry mess and store your Wigs in a manner that will both maintain your Wigs integrity, extending the life of your Wig, and keep it out of sight!

Traditional Wig Stands and Wig Hangers leave much to be desired. Fumbling with pins as you try to tack your Wig onto a Styrofoam Head or Wig Stand and awkwardly draping your Wig on a Wig Hanger in your closet, while trying to leave enough space to avoid frizzing, can drive any sane person onto a ledge.

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Weight 7 oz


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