Janice Henington 2009

2009 was supposed to be my summer of fun. A cruise in May with my daughter and sister in law and then a fun sight seeing\shopping trip in August through Colorado, Wyoming & Utah. But an irregularity in my menstrual cycle cast a shadow over my fun as my worry increased.

I had been to my Gynecologist numerous times, 6 to be exact, regarding the irregularities I’d experienced over the past 18 months but never left with any real answers as to why I was having these unusual symptoms. After arriving back in Tennessee from my summer vacation, I decided to make yet another appointment with my Gynecologist to explain, once again, my growing frustration with the symptoms I’d been experiencing (as they’d become more that just a slight nuisance).

My Gynecologist performed the usual exam, except this time she said, “You know what; let’s do a biopsy just to see”. Okay, sure. A few days after my appointment I received a phone call. “Mrs. Henington we’re referring you to a Gynecologic Oncologist.” Of course they added that this was just the next step in a routine process and reassured me that it didn’t mean there was anything wrong. But there was something wrong. Very wrong.

I met with the Oncologist who, upon performing their routine exam, abruptly exclaimed that I had Cervical Cancer and that they wanted to perform a Radical Hysterectomy within the week. I left the office sobbing. My life suddenly felt so out of control. This was not how I had envisioned my life and I couldn’t do anything about.

Six days later I was in the hospital having a Radical Hysterectomy. The day after the surgery my doctor visited me in my hospital room and explained to me that it turned out I didn’t have Cervical Cancer, but that what started as Uterine Cancer had spread to my Cervix. My official diagnosis was Stage 2, Grade 3, Endometrial Cancer.

I was released to go home after a week of recovery in the hospital and then began the long journey of
healing at home and processing the new stage of life i’d found myself in. After 6 weeks of recovering at home, I went back to my doctor to discuss whether or not it would be necessary for me to undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy. Turns out I needed both.

The doctor also asked about my family history of cancer. My father had died of Colon Cancer and he had a sister and cousins with Colon Cancer as well. My mother’s side wasn’t any better as there were several relatives on her side who had various types of cancer. With my full, cancer ridden, history taken into account, the doctor told me that she wanted me to undergo genetic testing to see if there was anything more we could learn.

At my follow up genetic counseling appointment, my doctor told me that my genetic testing had revealed Lynch Syndrome; an inherited condition that increases your risk of colon cancer and other cancers. She explained to me the possibility of future cancers and that my children would have a 50/50 chance of inheriting Lynch Syndrome from me (both of my children have since been diagnosed with the Lynch gene).

It was in the following months of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy that I realized I had been living as if I was in control of my life when, in reality, God is really the only one in control of my destiny. In that place I found hope, perspective and a purpose for what was happening to me and I began to speak aloud, “This cancer couldn’t have happened to a better person”. I became determined to not let it beat me down and instead allow it shape me into a better person; lifting me into a greater awareness of the preciousness of life and whom is really in control of it and finding rest and peace in that knowledge.

It was during my time of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy that I found myself in the same boat as many others who had come before me. I was faced with losing my hair and the sudden need for wigs and the accessories needed to care and maintain those wigs. I became increasingly frustrated with having to keep my wigs on Styrofoam head wig stands, all sitting out, taking up space and on display for the whole world to see. To top it all off, my weekly wig washing routine always left me with a dripping, hazardous mess on the floor. I remember thinking that others must be experiencing the same frustrations. How did they store their wigs discreetly and avoid a dripping watery mess? There must be a better way.

Wig Stand Styrofoam Head CountertopI searched and searched for a solution but none was to be found. I talked to salon owners and other wig wearers who were able to lend me tips and tricks on how to deal with the existing products on the market, but none of them could point me in the direction of a completely different product specifically designed to avoid the pitfalls of wig stands, wig hangers and styrofoam heads.

The first hand experience of dealing with these sub-par products drove me to develop a totally new product. A product that would eliminate the hassles attached to drying, styling and storing wigs. A product that would truly help others who are already undergoing one of the, if not the most, trying periods of their life and do not need anymore inconveniences than they already have. And that is how the Wigmate Dry & Style came into existence!

After years of research, development and working with engineers, we created a one-of-a-kind product that discreetly stores your wigs behind a door, freeing up precious counter space, and a product that also allows users to drip dry and style their wigs in the shower, over a tub, or over a sink. We are so proud to offer a product that makes life easier for those undergoing cancer treatments and to be a positive part of their healing in some shape or form.

It is my greatest hope that my story will inspire other cancer survivors to continue in a forward motion, pursuing positive changes in their own lives all while seeking to help others. One person truly can make a difference and that difference can begin with you!

The Wigmate Dry & Style has been featured on …, …, and on … . You can view, learn more about, and purchase the Wigmate Dry & Style on our website, on Amazon, or on etsy. If you have any further questions about the product or how to get the most out of your Wigmate, please feel free to contact us.

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