There are lots of different wig types and ways to wash different wig types but today we’re going to specifically walk you through washing a synthetic wig at home. It’s an easy process that, when done correctly, can extend the life of your wig.

First things first, you’ll want to take you wig in your hand and hold it as if you’re looking at and then gently brush out any knots or hairspray residue left in your wig. It’s important to note that you should never use regular hairspray on your synthetic wig. Only hairsprays made specifically for synthetic wig types.

Next, you’ll want to take your wig and submerge it cold water, get the entire wig wet. You do not want to use any other temperature of water than cold as heat can be damaging to your synthetic wig.

Then, with water still in your sink or tub, you’ll want to take your specially formulated synthetic wig shampoo of choice, rub it around in your fingers and then work it gently through the fibers in your wig, handling it as gently as you would fine, expensive, lace lingerie. Make sure to also work your wig cap as to clean away oil and dirt that may have gotten trapped. The process of shampooing your synthetic wig is really quick and easy. All it really takes is a minute of squeezing it and turning it.

Next you’ll want to drain the dirty water and run fresh cold water over your wig, thoroughly rinsing the shampoo out of your wig. When you’re done washing your wig, pull the stopper in your sink or tub and leave a small amount of water in the basin. Then take your specially formulated synthetic wig conditioner, rub it into your fingers and repeat the process of gently squeezing and turning the wig just like you did with your shampoo. By keeping some water in your basin, the water helps to evenly distribute the conditioner on your wig. Then again drain the conditioner water and rinse your wig with cold water, squeezing the hair fibers and swiping through the inside of your wig cap.

Then transfer you wig to your shower, give your wig 3 firm shakes to remove excess water, turn your wig inside out, and place the loops of your wig over your Wigmate hooks to allow for easy shower drip drying!

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