How to use the Wigmate to solve
Your washing, drying and wig storage woes.

If you’ve owned a wig for more than a week – you know some of the challenges that can accompany washing & drying your wigs.  It can require pinning them to Styrofoam head wig stands, awkwardly draping them over the sink or tub and hanging them from a wig hanger.  Most of the time it is just successful at creating a wet mess on the bathroom floor as you wait for the wig to dry.  The Wigmate works to easily move the wig conveniently from the shower or sink to convenient and discreet storage without even needing to touch the wet wig.  We’ve unpacked what comes with the Wigmate and the 2 minute installation required.

Unboxing your Wigmate:


Each Wigmate comes with:

- The over the door wig hanger base, arm and patent pending “W” wig hanger.
- A stick on base (for the shower or sink)
- Also comes with an alcohol wipe
- Moisture resistant command strip

Installing the Shower/Sink Wig Base


Step 1:

Take your alcohol wipe and thoroughly clean the area you plan to apply the base of the Wigmate. Make sure the area is dry and clean.

Step 2:

The next step is to peel the red side of your command strip and place it on the backside of the shower base allowing just a small piece to hang off the bottom of the base.  This will allow you to move the shower base at a later date if you choose to.

Step 3:

The next step is to peel off the black side of the command strip and you are ready to stick it onto your shower, sink or vanity.

Step 4:

Place it on the cleaned surface and press firmly.

Step 5:

Now you are ready for the arm and it simply slides into the shower base.  You have the option of curving the arm up or down.

Step 6:

Next, take the Wigmate patent pending “W”  and slide it onto the Wigmate arm. This provides ample versatility and allows you to hang multiple wigs, either up or down and allows for swivel and rotation so that you can rotate it in the shower, over a sink, in the tub.

Step 7:

Simply hang the wigs – by the straps onto the “W” and you are done!

Once your Wig has been washed and dried, the Wigmate arm can be easily transferred from the Shower base and moved to the over the door wig hanger base. It just takes a couple of seconds and slides into the over the door base with the same slide in feature of the shower base.

We hope you enjoy the Wigmate Dry and Style as much as we have enjoyed creating it.  Buy your Wigmate today,  Read about our story and let us know if you have any further questions!

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