From Cosplay to cancer survivors, you know there is far more that goes into owning a wig than just buying a wig. There are countless accessories and care products that accompany owning, styling, and storing your wigs. From wig shampoo to wig stands, all of these products are designed to help care for and preserve your investments. And, as you move deeper into the wonderful world of wigs and begin to buy more expensive wigs, you’ll find that using “basic” products and “just tossing” your wigs on a shelf are no longer an option. They may have worked fine when you first began to dabble but your expensive wigs now demand a different standard of care.

So what about wig stands and wig hangers, specifically? What are the key things to look for when deciding on what products will best care for and extend the life of your wigs?

We’ve compiled a list of different options for drying, styling and storing your wigs complete with a pros and cons list. It’s not exhaustive, but meant to be a great start. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

Wig Stand Options


Styrofoam Head Wig Stands

The first thing that likely comes to mind is the classic Styrofoam Head Mannequin Stands. Styrofoam Head Wig Stands have been around forever and almost every wig owner has employed this specific type of wig stand at one time or another.


  • They’re really affordable.
  • They’re not easily damaged by water or wig products.
  • Can be used to store foam cosplay wigs.


  • They only come in 1 size and have to be altered to match the size and shape of your head.
  • They’re bulky to ship and too bulky to pack in your suitcase for travel.
  • They take up a lot of space (your dresser will get lost and you’ll lose precious counter space).
  • They’re not great for longer wigs and you can forget trying to style your wig with rollers.
  • They’re light and easy to tip over.
  • You need to purchase additional items to use this stand well. Pins and table clamps are common.
  • Tend to not be evenly cut at the base making it difficult to “cut” or evenly style wigs.
  • Cannot be used to “make” a wig. Does not withstand high heat. Hot glue is out of the question.
  • They don’t hold your wig’s style very well.
  • And let’s be honest, they can be just a littttttle bit creepy.

Styrofoam Head Wig Stand “Storage Tour”

An Option for Purchase:

Top Positive Review:
“It does what it needs to do. :)”

Top Critical Review:
“I bought this for my girlfriend’s wig, and it works, but it is really light weight, so it will tip over easily with a larger wig on it. The solution is to mount it to a tripod, tape it down, or leave it in an area that it will not get bumped over. The shipping was fast and it arrived without damage.”


Cosmetology Mannequin Head

More commonly found in use in the cosmetology industry (thus the name) most of these heads come with hair already applied to the mannequins head but there are some that can be purchased without hair to be used as a wig stand.


  • Easy to style wigs on.
  • Hold up to water and wig care products.
  • Can be used to store cosplay foam wigs.


  • Only come in one size and they are TINY!
  • Expensive.
  • Take up too much space.
  • Not made with the consumer in mind.
  • Lightweight. Need a tripod or a table clamp to use efficiently.
  • Not travel friendly.
  • If attempting to dry your recently washed wig on this head you’ll need to use the stand or clamp and deal with the resulting water mess on your floor or table.

Mannequin Head Wig Stand “How to Setup a Wig Stand”

An Option for Purchase:

Top Positive Review:
“Holds my human hair wigs very nicely.”

Top Critical Review:
“The mannequin is very light weight and will topple over”


Canvas Head Wig Stands

Also known as wig “blocks”, Canvas Head Wig Stands are made of cork and lined with a canvas fabric. These are found most typically in the homes of people who spend a lot of time styling, “creating”, or making a wig.


  • They come in multiple head widths in ½ inch increments from 19” to 25”.
  • They come in 2 different sizes; short and tall. Good for shorter styled wigs and longer styled wigs.
  • They’re great for styling your wig.
  • Ideal for “making” wigs.
  • Can be used to store cosplay foam wigs.


  • You have to cover them to protect them from wig product damage.
  • Cannot be used to dry your wigs on as the water will damage them.
  • Very awkward head shape. You have to “stuff” a cover to put over the head to achieve the ideal shape for wig making.
  • The canvas lining needs to be replaced every few month - 1 year depending on how you use them.
  • They’re expensive.
  • They’re hard to source.
  • They need a tripod or a table clamp to stand well.
  • Take up a lot of space.
  • Do not travel well.
  • Very heavy. If it were to fall and hit you.

Canvas Head Wig Block “Review”

An Option for Purchase:

Top Positive Review:
“The measurement was true! I received the exact size I needed!”

Top Critical Review:
“The quality was not up to my expectations. The base will not fit on my mounting platform without further work.I paid too much money for something that requires modification.”

Wire/Plastic Wig Stands

Wire/Plastic wig stands are another common option. These come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors. You can get them in single, 2 packs, 4 packs, 20 packs. You name it, it’s probably out there.


  • Ridiculously affordable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Foldable.
  • Handy For Traveling.
  • Helps wig “breathe”.
  • Wide Variety.
  • Usually cheap shipping.


  • They can often be unstable. Weight needs to be distributed evenly.
  • They can often be lightweight & “Flimsy”.
  • Cannot use for longer wigs.
  • Finish is not smooth and hard plastic bits can “snag” on wigs.
  • Cannot be used for styling. Really more just for display.
  • Does not hold your wigs shape.
  • Leaves a watery mess behind when drying your wig.
  • Cannot be used with foam cosplay wigs due to weight load.

Folding Wire/Plastic Wig Stand “Review”

An Option for Purchase:

Top Positive Review:
“Pretty basic/cheap, but okay. I got this for storing my cosplay wigs. For that purpose it’s probably fine, it was easy to put together and holds the wig, although I doubt it would hold up as well with a very thick or very long wig.”

Top Critical Review:
“This is lightweight plastic that you have to snap it together and it is so flimsy that when you put the wig on top it falls over. It is the worst cheapest item I have ever received.”

Wig Hanger Options

Now, wig Stands are not the only means of storing your wigs. Wig hangers are also a viable solution. Wig hangers are better suited for drying and storing wigs vs. styling wigs (as they have no head shape to them at all).


Wigmate Dry & Style Wig Hanger

The Wigmate Dry & Style is a unique wig dry, style and store product. With a sink/shower base, an over-the-door hanger, and a transferable dry to store arm, the Wigmate is the swiss knife of wig hangers.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can drip-dry in a shower or over a sink to avoid a water mess.
  • Can transfer from shower/sink base to storage hanger.
  • Arm extends in an outward manner to avoid contact with doors.
  • Can be stored discreetly.
  • Does not take up precious counter/dresser space.
  • Handy For Traveling.
  • Helps wigs “breathe”.
  • Can hang up to 2 wigs.
  • Cheap or free shipping.


  • More expensive than other wig hanger options.
  • Can only be used to “fluff” style wigs. Cannot be used to create wigs.
  • Not heavy-duty enough to store cosplay foam wigs.
  • Cannot be used with delicate wigs that have no tag or loops to hang with.

Wigmate Dry & Style Wig Hanger “How-To”

An Option for Purchase:
Wigmate Wig Stand

Top Positive Review:
“Omg!! Thank you so much!!!… I absolutely love my Wigmate… Its the best thing since sliced bread seriously!!..I use it not only when washing my wigs but when I get off of work I take my wig off and hang it on the door out of the way..Me using hangers and foam heads to dry my wigs are a thing of the past!! I may also add… anyone who owns a wig(s) this is a must have ☺”

Top Critical Review:
“Practical and sturdier than I thought, still pricey though.”


Closet Hanger

Just your run of the mill wire/plastic closet hanger. Some people use these to store their wigs in their closets.


  • Out of sight out of mind.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very small.


  • Can only us with a wig that has a loop to slide over the hanger arm. That or be willing to pin your wig to the hanger.
  • Doesn’t hold the shape of the wig well.
  • You may be able to put it in a closet but you’ll have to take up additional space to avoid smashing your wig against other items in your closet.
  • Cannot be used for styling.
  • Not suitable for foam cosplay wigs.



Wig Hanger with Clip

A modified product specifically designed for wigs, a wig hanger with a clip is simply constructed and comes with exactly what the title suggests… a hanger piece and a clip.


  • Store discreetly.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Easy to travel with.


  • Need to purchase additional items if you intend on trying to use it for drying a wig (need something to hang it on).
  • Need a place on your wig where you can safely apply the clip to. If your wig doesn’t have loops or a tag you won’t want to employ this option.
  • If hair is accidentally caught in the clip it can crimp, damage or tear out hair from your wig.
  • Not suitable for foam cosplay wigs.

“Wig Hanger to Dry and Store Wigs”

An Option for Purchase:

Top Positive Review:
“This is perfect for travel! One for home, one for the suitcase!”

Top Critical Review:
“My only fuss with this great clip is that the hook part is not large enough to go over my shower door bar. So I just use a wire hanger then the clip.”


The Hang Up Wig Hanger

The Hang Up is made of wire covered with soft but strong plastic. It can be hung by the 2 yellow tipped ends or by the hook end.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to travel with.
  • Will not scratch, rust, or stain wigs or other surfaces.


  • Need something to hang it on.

An Option for Purchase:

Multiple Wig Stands/Hangers

Nobody owns just one wig :-). So eventually you will have to be thinking about storing multiple wigs. Some of those wigs you’ll want to store for the long term but still hold their styling. A multiple wig stand may be just what you are looking for if you have the space and the budget.


Over the Door Shoe Rack

A clever idea for wig enthusiasts with multiple wigs. An over the door shoe rack can double as a discreet wig storage unit.


  • Space for lots of wigs.
  • Can be stored out of sight.


  • Cannot be used for drying or styling.
  • Will not maintain the shape of your wigs.
  • Wigs may end up rubbing up against other items in a closet causing frizz.

As spotted on:

An Option for Purchase:—Door-18-Pair-17701/dp/B002F92P4S/ref=sr_1_16?s=storageorganization&ie=UTF8&qid=1473792860&sr=1-16&keywords=over+the+door+shoe+organizer


Coat Rack


  • Can store multiple wigs in a vertical manner taking up less floor space
  • Can hold a ton of wigs.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Cannot be hidden discreetly.
  • Does not maintain shape of wigs.
  • Cannot make, create or style wigs.
  • Cannot use to drip dry without creating a mess on the floor.



Hat Display Stand


  • Can store wigs in a vertical manner taking up less floor space
  • Can store lots of wigs.


  • Expensive.
  • Cannot be hidden discreetly.
  • Does not maintain the shape of wigs.
  • Cannot make, create or style wigs.
  • Cannot use to drip dry without creating a mess on the floor.

An Option for Purchase:


It seems like there is a separation between styling/creating/making products and drying/storing products. All of them tend to do one or the other well but not both. If you were to ask us what we think the perfect 1-2 punch is we’d probably have to lean towards the Wigmate Dry & Style for washing, drying, “styling”, and storing and the canvas wig head/block for creating/making/styling. If you’re not into cosplay or making your own wigs, wigs that come pre-styled and only need to be fluffed/re-shaped for storage would only need the Wigmate. It’s the most complete product and a steal on price considering all that it does and does well.

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