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Frustrated with the lack of products for drying and storing wigs, Janice Henington, creator and owner of Wigmate, created the Wigmate Dry & Style to fill a need.

In 2009 Janice was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome after an Endometrial cancer diagnosis. Lynch Syndrome is a hereditary disorder caused by a mutation in a mismatch repair gene in which individuals have an 85% higher risk of developing colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, and various other types of aggressive cancers, often at a young age.

If you have a family history of colon or endometrial cancers, you should consider genetic testing for Lynch syndrome. Children of those diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome have a 50/50 chance of testing positive for Lynch Syndrome. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential when dealing with Lynch Syndrome.

When Janice was diagnosed in 2009 with stage 2, grade 3 Endometrial cancer, becoming an Entrepreneur and owning her own business was the furthest thing from her mind. When she and her family sat down with the Oncologist on her follow up visit after her radical hysterectomy, she took another punch in the gut when she heard her Dr. say, “You will need to have Chemo and you will lose your hair”. As the tears began to roll down her cheeks, she thought about how long it had taken her to grow out her long red locks.

Once the Chemo treatments began, Janice realized it was time to start shopping for a wig. Her daughter went with her to countless wig shops, looking for just the right wig to cover her quickly balding head. And, of course, true to her nature, Janice took a chance to have some fun and didn’t purchase just one wig, but purchased several, making the best of her situation and taking the opportunity to regularly change her look with different color and styles of wigs.

Countless wig store clerks told Janice that the best way to dry her wig after washing it was to hang it upside down on a clothes hanger or pinned upside down between two styrofoam heads. She felt like there had to be a better way to wash, dry, style and store her wigs.

Frustration soon set in for Janice as she found that washing, drying, styling and storing her wigs was anything but convenient and discreet. Having to deal with water dripping on the floor from her make shift clothes hanger, wig dryer, thing-a-ma-jig, figuring out where to store the wig while sleeping or on the days that she didn’t wear a wig, and keeping styrofoam heads from tipping over easily and taking up too much counter space.

Knowing that millions of other women were experiencing the same frustration, she began searching for sources to help make her idea of a better way to wash, dry, style and store a wig a reality. This is how her company Wigmate, got it’s start and it’s very appropriate tag line, “Finally, your wig has met its mate!”. Her product, the Wigmate Dry & Style is manufactured in middle Tennessee and she is honored to be a contributer to the local economy.

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